Slide dosing gates

Precise, durable and energy-efficient slide dosing gates

JPT DSL slide dosing gates are designed for accurate dosing. They are available in a range of sizes starting from 200 mm x 200 mm all the way up to 1500 mm x 1500 mm.  Slide dosing gates have either hydraulic or pneumatic drive. A positioning sensor enables stepless measurement of movements, making it easy to adjust the dosing openings for different products. The design and shape of the doser enables accurate dosing of small quantities, as well as high dosing speeds for large quantities. The wearing/sealing surface of the doser is made of easily replaceable wear-resistant plastic (t=10 mm). The slide gate blade in contact with the product is made of abrasion resistant material.

The bushings are protected from dust by a sealing. The silo can be closed with a separate plate during maintenance. The slide gate blade and plastic wearing surface can be replaced through the end without disconnecting the doser from the silo. The slide gate blade is supported by bearings to ensure flexible and accurate dosing.

Dosers can also be used with a drive frame connected to all slide dosing gates.

  • The frame can be used to drive several dosers with only one drive cylinder
  • Frames are designed and manufactured according to individual customer needs
  • The support bearings and frame support are easy to maintain
  • Multiple dosers (up to 20) can be connected to a single hydraulic drive cylinder

The drive frame is powered by a 2.2 kW hydraulic unit with a pressure accumulator. In case of a power cut, the doser will close automatically. Slide dosing gates are made from painted steel, galvanised steel, and RST or HST materials. Slide dosing gates are dust-proof, easy to maintain, energy efficient and extremely precise.