JPT-Industria designs, manufactures and installs plants for the feed industry, the food industry, electric and thermal power plants and the fertiliser industry. The scale of our plants varies from a farm-level feed mill to the largest industrial-scale feed plants. In addition to complete plants, we supply modules and individual equipment ranging from mills and silos to screeners and conveyors. Our modular plants are always tailored to meet the individual needs of our customers and delivered as a turnkey solution.

Feed mills

We supply mills for the production of mashed and pelleted compound feeds, premix and concentrate. We also supply extruder plants for aqua feed and pet food. Our mills are suitable for the production of poultry, pig, cattle, fish and other feed both on farms and by industrial suppliers.

Fertiliser plants

We supply plants for the production of fertiliser from biogas digestate, meat and bone meal and other biomass. Our products include systems for drying, dosing, mixing, pelleting and granulation. We offer containerised plants for agriculture and individually tailored plants for industrial applications.

Food industry plants

We supply equipment to the food industry, including bakeries, distilleries and breweries. Our products include storage silos, as well as systems for screening, sorting, milling, dehulling, dosing and conveying. We supply everything from individual equipment to modules and entire production lines.

Renewable energy

We supply solid fuel storage, transfer and dosing systems for CHP, thermal and electric power plants. Our products also include entire biofuel Pelletizing lines for fuel suppliers.


In addition to complete plants and production lines, we also supply individual equipment and modules. We can also connect equipment supplied by other manufacturers to the plant. Our FaMix feed mills and many other plant types can be delivered to the site in shipping containers ready for use. Modular plants are assembled and tested at our factory, ensuring fast and reliable commissioning in terms of scheduling, quality and also the budget.