“Like many other technology companies, we started out in a garage. We were three guys with experience and insight into how feed mills should be built.

Initially, the three of us made small-scale installations and equipment deliveries. I remember when our first chain conveyor was delivered to the customer with a profit margin of 800 euros, which we immediately invested in a new welding machine. We continued in the same way, always investing our profits back into the company.

Just half a year after the start of operations, we were awarded a plant delivery contract worth 1.4 million euros. At the time, we had 5000 euros in our bank account, and the bank offered a loan of 20,000 euros. Ultimately, we didn’t even need the loan, as our customer and suppliers trusted us. That’s how our first project was successfully delivered.

Key figures 2019

Turnover: EUR 7.1 million

Employees: 34

Head office: Ilmajoki, Finland

Founded: 2008

Exports: Worldwide

We had thought about modular construction before, but ultimately we became convinced of its benefits when we had to build a feed plant in Varkaus in the snow. We realised that it is much wiser to build plants as much as possible indoors in a warm and well-lit workshop. Since then, we have extended our modular construction techniques to many different plant types.

We gained additional engineering expertise when we acquired the company AW Engineering in Alavus. We began exporting a few years later – modular plants are very well suited for exports. We soon moved out of the garage and into bigger and bigger facilities every few years, culminating in our current engineering workshop in Ilmajoki.

The last 10+ years have gone by fast; I’ve lost some hair, my beard has turned grey and the company has grown. We now supply customer around the world, from Namibia all the way to easternmost part of Russia and from Europe to South Africa. Our modular products and tailored solutions for customers are highly developed, our engineering is light years ahead of the general level in the industry, and the quality of our manufacturing work can withstand comparison to the best in the world. This is a good basis for the future.”

Juha Nisula
Managing Director

Our way of working

  • In connection with plant extensions and modernisations, we 3D scan the existing plant. This allows us to position the new plant optimally in relation to the existing plant.
  • We use standard components that are as common and easily available as possible in our designs. This facilitates plant maintenance in the future.
  • Our plants are usually supplied in shipping containers. The modular construction enables fast deliveries, a fixed price and the opportunity to relocate the plant at a later date. Assembling indoors at the workshop ensures much higher quality than assembling outdoors in often dark and wet conditions.
  • We tailor our plants to the individual needs of the customer. We are also happy to install equipment supplied by competitors if the customer so wishes.
  • Our plants are very energy efficient, saving both the environment and money.
  • We have a network of dozens of partners worldwide and our own subsidiary, JPT Protech, in Sweden. Contact us directly and we will find a local representative for your project if necessary.
  • We are a pioneer in modular construction.