Famix and Module feed mills

Ready-to-use FaMix and Module feed mills

FaMix and Module compound feed mills are the perfect solution if you are looking for a ready-to-use feed mill. The plants are assembled into modules at the factory and built into shipping containers. Thanks to the modular structure, commissioning is easy and fast, schedules and budgets are kept, and the plant is reliable right from the first day. Our modular FaMix and Module feed mills are always tailored to meet the individual needs of each customer. Both FaMix and Module feed mills are designed for industrial use in terms of quality, reliability and hygiene. The process meets general EU feed production standards.

The feed mills are operated using a touchscreen, and a user interface for smartphones and tablet computers is available as an option. The control system can also be integrated with the farm’s or feed plant’s ERP system. FaMix and Module feed mills are leaders in terms of energy efficiency.

FaMix feed mills are suitable for farms and industry and have a capacity of 2.5 to 10 tonnes per hour. A pelletiser or extruder line can also be added to the FaMix feed mill. Automated FaMix feed mills are suitable for the production of component feed, premix and compound feeds, aqua feed and pet food.

Module feed mills are suitable for industrial applications and can produce up to 40 tonnes per hour. In addition to feed, these plants are also suitable for processing sawdust and other biomasses.

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