Steam mixer

Continuous steam mixers for uniform mixing results

Liquid/steam mixers are used to mix liquid components such as water, oil and steam into powdered raw materials. Continuous LM steam mixers achieve very uniform mixing results.

Liquid/steam mixers are powered by 4 to 18.5 kilowatt motor. The capacity of a mixer ranges from 2,5 to 30 tonnes per hour. Mixers are available with single or double shafts. They feature four liquid compounds and steam dispensing on the lower surface of the product, so the steam cannot enter the feed opening. The shaft bushings have a mechanical seal. A large service hatch with a safety lock facilitates cleaning and maintenance. The blades are easy to replace if necessary. The length of the mixer can be adjusted according to individual customer needs.

The material can be stainless, painted or duplex steel.

Optional equipment:

– Insulation
– Electric heating


Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 2,5–30 t/h
  • Material: Painted steel, RST, HST, Duplex
  • Material strengths: body 4 mm, axle 100 mm, blades Dublex 8 mm