Big bag stations

Sacking stations for filling and emptying big bags

Sacking stations are used for both filling and emptying big bags. The number of bags can be anything from one upwards depending on the application.

Weighing can be done commercially or non-commercially. Products measured on a commercial scale can be sold to end customers. Sacking stations can be adapted for different locations. Many different options are available for handling sack and big bagss, from boom lifts to forklift trucks.

Unloading stations can be equipped with separate scales or a single scale onto which the material is transported from different sacks. Unloading stations are suitable for handling feed and other powdered substances. Unloading stations can be equipped with a dust extraction system. Sacking stations are always designed according to individual customer needs.


– Filling big bags

– Emptying big bags

– Can be integrated into dosing system for mashed feed