Round silos

Flat bottom silos
Our flat bottom silos have a volume of 81 to 17,081 m³ and a diameter of 4.60 to 32.08 metres. The total height ranges from 5.87 to 27.34 metres.

Cone silos
Our cone silos have a volume of 30.7 to 2,643 m³ and a diameter of 3.05 to 12.23 metres. The total height ranges from 6.53 to 29.88 metres, and the available angles are 45° and 66°.

Welded silos
Our welded silos are always designed and constructed according to individual customer needs. The materials used are steel, stainless, acid-resistant and duplex steel. Welded silos can also be specified with heat insulation.

Flat bottom and cone silos are made of high-quality galvanised steel (Z600, 600 grams/m²). The reinforced and sealed roof prevents snow and water from entering the silo. Our silos are always equipped with an access hatch on the roof and at the bottom of the silo. They are also fitted with a ladder to the roof of the silo. The roof angle is 30 degrees. Silos can be fixed to concrete by means of chemical anchoring.

Optional equipment:

– Cooling
– Access bridges in chain conveyor room
– Weather-protected access bridges
– Temperature measurement
– Upper and lower limiters


– Grain silos
– Biogas digesters
– Fish farm
– Corn silos
– Soybean silos
– Pellet silos