Rectangular silos

Self-supporting rectangular silos

Our TS rectangular silos can be specified with steel frames and a silo room if required, but they can also be installed in existing structures. The structure is self-supporting and does not require a separate building. Rectangular silos fitted with an access hatch can be fireproofed between silos and thermally insulated from the outside using Paroc insulation, for example. Silos are available with smooth walls or profiled surfaces. The materials used are stainless or painted steel, either straight or profiled. The bottom cone of the silo can be customised according to the product to be stored. The strength of silos is always calculated according to the Eurocode. Silos can be dimensioned for products up to 2t/m³. Rectangular silos are always tailored to individual customer needs.

Rectangular silos range in size from 1×1 metre to 6.5×6.5 metres. The maximum height is 32 metres. The rectangular silo elements can also be used to divide concrete silos.


– Dispensing silos

– Ready product silos

– Storage silos

Optional equipment:

– Upper and lower limiters

– Temperature measurement

– Screw discharger