Moving scales

Precise and powerful scales for weighing large and small masses

JPT DWMI moving scales range from 50 to 4000 kg. The speed of the scale is 5 m/s. They have an unloading capacity is 160 tonnes/h, a loading capacity of 180 tonnes/h, and a multidosing capacity of 50 tonnes/h. The capacity is determined by the volume of the scale bin. The rail system is always tailored for the intended application.

–    Drive and positioning using servo motors, hydraulic or electric motors

–    Servo motors can feed brake energy back into the electrical network

–    Positioning accuracy 0.2 mm

The scales can be implemented as two-container scales, for example with a 50 kg scale for microdosing, from which the materials are dropped into a larger 4000 kg scale container. The scales are dust sealed, for example at the bottom of the slide dosing gates. The top cover is also dust sealed when the scale is moving. The emptying system has a silo opening mechanism that does not affect the measuring accuracy of the scale. The scale gate is built inside the scale so that no height is lost. These scales offer optimal energy efficiency and hygiene. Maintenance costs are also significantly lower than with traditional transferring systems. Both commercial and non-commercial versions are available.