AgriCracker mills

AgriCracker mills for farms

AgriCracker mills are designed for farm use and have a capacity of 1 to 10 tonnes per hour using a 5.5 to 11 kilowatt electric motor.

AgriCracker mills are suitable for grinding grains, oilseeds and legumes.

AgriCracker mills produce a very even result with low energy consumption of just 1.5 kW per tonne. Maintenance costs are less than EUR 0.15 per tonne. AgriCracker mills can be used to grind both dry and wet grain. The external dimensions are very compact. The amount of dust is minimal, and the product does not heat up during grinding. Changing settings is quick and easy. AgriCracker mills cut the grain, which reduces the formation of dust in the final product to as low as two percent. AgriCracker mills are available with EC and Atex approval.

Options include automatic gap adjustment, a feeder, temperature measurement for bearings, and double grinding.


– Feed industry

– Food industry plants

– Pharmaceuticals industry


AC100, capacity 0–3 t/h

AC200, capacity 4–8 t/h

Technical specifications

  • Capacity: 3 t/h (depending on the material)
  • Motors: AC100 5.5 kW, AC200 7,5/11 kW
  • Stepless particle size adjustment
  • Size: AC100 1070 X 475 X 400 mm, AC200 1080 X 735 X 520 mm
  • Weight: AC100 200 kg, AC200 365 kg
  • Body material: RST